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Become a ZVAF International Affiliate Partner Today!

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ZVAF makes it easy for you to make money online with one of the most unique products available – Virtual Outsourcing!   Simply add an Official ZVAF Affiliate Link to your website and make $50 per Referral you send us!  Its that simple.

Why partner with ZVAF? 

✓ Make $50 Per Referral

✓ You don’t need to create anything to sell

✓ Share a well known expert with your audience

✓ Bring a valuable service to your friends

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ZVAF is the godsend solution for my dream to launch a podcast business in September 2015.  As a Full - Time Software Consultant and family man, I knew that I didn't have enough hours in the day nor the skills to create a business that was solely dependent on my limited time.  When Joel introduced me to candidates who could do the work, we went through a clear process of interviewing, assessment of the candidates' qualities, I knew ZVAF was instrumental in helping me source a successful team.  Today, I have a Social Media Manager and Website Designer VA's who are dedicating their time to ensure that this business will launch with impact.Vincent Dinh
Vincent DinhBible Podcast Academy
As a 'new breed' of financial manager dedicated to actually delivering value to my investors here at Melissinos Trading, I need to stay focused on what matters; Research and Investment Returns. I can't get bogged down in busy work. Zen Virtual Assistants Finder found me great Filipino Virtual Assistants to build out my Website, Blog, and Podcast. Great time saver and value. Thanks ZVAF!Michael Melissinos
Michael Melissinos Melissinos Trading
I am busy all day building beautiful custom presentations for my clients and running my business. I don't have time to handle marketing and promotion. ZVAF found me a great VA to engage with my connections, keep them posted about my services, and bring me new clients. Thanks ZVAF!Kurt Hutflesz
Kurt HutfleszPowerPoint Design 24/7
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