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Meet Mallie Rydzik, serial entrepreneur, speaker, blogger, consultant and coach at Systems Scientist, podcaster and the author of Owning It: Embrace the Best and Worst Parts of You to Thrive in Life and Business.

She is the Founder of Mydzik Media, the host of The Off-Road Millenial podcast, where she talks about the future of work and millennial entrepreneurship, and she writes about personal branding and life-work balance for her personal site.

She is a scientist by trade, so she uses a mixture of her analytical and creative mind to help others identify their deficiencies and strengths within their personal lives and businesses.

Best advice for working w/ VA’s?

SOP’s baby!  Corporate style SOP.  I know, I know, but they don’t have to be boring.  Good SOP’s can keep you and your team on tasks.  They also make training new team members much easier.

Best technical tools for working w/ VA’s? 

Slack!  Communication & task management. No back & forth emails in inbox.  Great tool to keep you and your team organized.

What excites you right now?

My new System Science Agency work.   We are offering ‘built for you systems and services’ for new businesses.  Custom systems for you and your team.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  Use our proven SOP’s to build your dream VA team 🙂

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System Scientist
Twitter: @MallieRydzik

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