ZVAF 055 Pace Smith – How To Be Peacefully Productive

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Meet Pace Smith,  co-host of Wild Crazy Meaningful Life podcast & founder of www.pacesmith.com. She offers path-finding and peaceful productivity courses and has given inspirational talks at many events, including World Domination Summit and App Camp for Girls.

She has a degree in Logic and Computation and had her dream job as an artificial intelligence programmer, until she decided to follow her heart and help others.

YOU CAN feel happy, fulfilled, and aligned every day – if you have the courage to listen to your heart and follow where it leads you.


Best advice for working w/ VA’s?

Crowdsource for your next VA.  I send out an email to all my contacts with my specific VA needs and ask for recommendations.  That way I am getting a trusted vetted VA with the skills I need.

Best technical tools for working w/ VA’s? 

Asana task management!  Great online tool with checklists where my VA team and I can stay organized and on task.

What excites you right now?

Starting my new life in New York State!  I just completed a cross country move from Portland, OR.  Excited to get settled and start my new life living with my best friend.


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