ZVAF 049 – Meet Rej! A Real Filipino VA

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Episode 049 Download: Grab Rej’s Resume now and see what she can do for you!


Ok so you’ve heard from me and others how great Filipino VA’s can be, but now it’s time to meet one!  Meet Rej, a very experienced and in demand Filipino VA.  Rej stops by to share a TON of tips and tool that can make your VA relationship a success.

 Favorite communication technologies?

“All you need is Skype or Google Hangouts.  Also, if the VA & client both have iPhones, you can simply use iMessage or FaceTime to have weekly meetings and check in…”

Favorite task management technologies?

Redbooth, Trello, Asana.  You NEED task management software to keep everyone organized and on task.

Best way for a VA / client relationship to fail?

“Easy! When a client just dumps their brain in 1 email and expects the VA to understand, this is a guarentee way for a relationship to fail.  The Client & VA must set goals, deadlines and communicate weekly…”


Best Quote from Rej

“Client’s need to be trained!  A good experienced VA can help teach the busy entrepreneur how to get organize, stay on task, and meet goals!”

Download Rej’s Resume’.  See what an experienced Filipino VA can do for you!


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