ZVAF 048: Joel Nelson – 99 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant Today!

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99 Tasks You Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants Today!


We have sooooo many Entrepreneur success stories to share all because they chose to gain back their Time Freedom by hiring Custom Virtual Assistants from us here at Zen Virtual Assistants Finder.

You can easily see these successes in our Testimonials and with our Podcast Guests

But I want to talk about Virtual Assistant failures!

Yes, failures.


The single most consistent failure Entrepreneurs new to the Virtual Staffing world suffer from is believing their new Filipino Virtual Assistant can do everything for them.

One single VA with ALL the skills in the world DOES NOT EXIST!  

There is no miracle VA, no utopia VA, that can magically fix all your business problems.  This person does not exist as a domestic / in person assistant, nor do they exist virtually!

This means Entrepreneurs have to get clear about EXACTLY what tasks they need done, and then effectively hire the right VA for that role.  This is easier said than done.  This means building a team of Filipino Virtual Assistants that will work together to make your business dreams come true.  It also means you need to consider hiring a Project Manager VA who’s job is to manage the individual VA’s on your team.

Solving these problems for busy Entrepreneurs is what we specialize in here at Zen Virtual Assistants Finder – Custom Filipino Virtual Assistant Solutions.

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What Filipino VA’s Can Do

Now that you are clear that Virtual Team Building is the only way to accomplish your goals, let’s get clear about what Tasks You Can OutSource to Virtual Assistants Today.

Let’s start with the role of General Administrative Virtual Assistant, or General VA.  This is the best place for any Entrepreneur new to Virtual Staffing to start.  Hire a General VA NOW!


Because if you’re new to working virtually, then an experienced General VA is the perfect place for you to start developing your skills in:

  • Getting clear on your goals, writing down those goals, and explaining those goals to someone else so they can understand them (this alone is a great exercise for clear business thinking).
  • Assigning repeatable Non Revenue Generating Tasks to someone else.  What tasks are Non Revenue Generating Tasks?  Almost ALL your daily time wasting daily tasks, that’s what!

Tasks To Give To a General VA TODAY!

E – mail  

The only thing I hate more than e – mail is Social Media (more on how to outsource Social Media coming up later).  I check e-mails once per day for 15 min. Period.  E-mail is the biggest waste of time for a serious Entrepreneur.  How is it possible to limit e – mail viewing to 15 mins per day like me?

Assign e – mail management to a VA Today!

1. Setup Filters/Folder

2. Automate Responses/Automate Folders

3. Delete Spam before you see it

4. Politely answer time wasting e – mail (usually from family and friends)

5. Sync Calendar & e-mail (Gmail & google calendar are great for this)

6. Manage Online Calendar

7. Organize meeting times with clients & partners

8. Send Invites/eCards/Events Planning

9. Book Travel/Find Best Deals


Data Management

How much time do you waste weekly looking for that one file you lost, or searching for that presentation from last month, or forgetting the name of that important business contact, etc.  Your General VA can organize all your data now:

10. Setting up Google Drive or DropBox Account

11. Organize folders

12. Get you organized in Google Docs

13. Get you organized in Google Presentations

14. Build Powerpoint, Keynote, PDFs etc.

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Blogging and Podcasting have been the two single best traffic generators of new business here at Zen Virtual Assistants Finder.  The best part is the cost to do both is very low, and the potential reach is massive.  Every Entrepreneur needs a Blog & Podcast so they can share their skills and help with the world.  But Blogs & Podcast take time.  Solution: Assign these tasks to a VA!

15. Transcribe audio you record & VA writes and uploads to blog

16. Create blog forms

17. Create PDF downloads for your blog

18. Online research

19. Data mining

20. Reply to blog comments

21. Reply to online Voicemails

22. Organize Google Drive folders for podcasts

23. Search for podcast guests

24. Schedule podcast guests

25. Search for podcast producing VA’s

26. Upload finished podcast episodes to website

27. Post Blog & Podcast on Social Media

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FREE Download – Top 5 Must Have Tools When Working with Virtual Assistants

Email Marketing / Management

Email is a way more effective customer converting tool than social media.  Think about it.  When someone gives you their e-mail, or opts in to your email list, they are saying, ‘hey, I trust you.  I like what you have to say.  I am willing to listen and even buy’.

That is why you have to be building your email list all the time.  Fortunately, with the help of a Custom Zen Virtual Assistant Finder VA – and some great tools – this is easier than ever before.  Your VA can:

39. Create a Email Service Provider (ESP) account (MailChimp, Aweber, InfusionSoft )

40. Manage your ESP/create organized lists

41. Schedule email blasts and follow ups

42. Build newsletters & emails


Video / Custom Animations / Podcasts

Now we’re getting into some Custom VA skills that your General VA will likely not have.  That’s ok!  Remember your General VA can find, hire and manage these custom high level VA’s for you.  Worried you don’t have the time or skills to produce a podcast, edit a video, or make a custom animation explaining your product?  Hire a custom VA from Zen Virtual Assistants Finder to do the following:

43. Edit / Produce / Tag / Upload podcast episodes

44. Add Intro / Outro / Commercial to podcasts

45. Create / Manage iTunes Account

46. Post Podcast on your website

47. Edit / Produce / Tag / Upload Videos

48. Create Video Infographics as Free Downloads for your audience

49. Create amazing Custom Animation to explain your business (like these amazing videos our Video Team made!)



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THESE ARE TOTALLY COOL! Only $750 for 2min Custom Video



SEO & Content Writing

Writing, Blogging, Guest Blogging, it all takes time.  Unless you love writing, you’ll probably enjoying seeing your content be created by a great Content Writing VA.  A good SEO / Content writing VA can:

50. Write Blog Post

51. Edit Blog Posts

52. Ghost Write

53. Guest Blog

54. Guest write comments & add links

55. Write / Edit eBook

56. SEO keyword research

57. SEO keyword Blog writing

58. Posting your article to websites & bookmarking sites


Website SEO

As someone once said to me, ‘you don’t exist as a business or entrepreneur unless you have a website’.  And, if no one can find your website, then it’s like having no website at all.  That’s why effective SEO is a requirement.  Fortunately, you don’t have to be a SEO or Google Analytics Pro.  You just need to hire a Custom Zen Virtual Assistant specializing in SEO to do the following:

59. Keyword Research

60. Site Analysis

61. Upload SEO tools (Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, etc)

62. Your site analysis

63. Competition Analysis

64. Landing Pages

65. LeadPages.net set up/management (this is a must have! We LOVE LeadPages)

66. Bookmarking (Reddit, Delicious, Digg)

67. Putting links in comments/forums

68. Weekly Reporting (Google Analytics, Ranking Reports, Traffic, Downloads)

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Graphic Design

Consistent imaging is paramount for you and your business brand.  Ever been to a website and it looks like the amateur created a bunch of different and lame graphics?  Doesn’t inspire confidence does it.  Well for as little as $5 – $10 you can have consistently beautiful graphic designs from your Custom Zen Virtual Assistant Graphic Designer.

69. Design Logos

70. Design Banners

71. Design Affiliate images

72. Design Infographics (like below)

73. Design Website mock up

ZVAF Top 5 Tools Download ImageInfographic 1Infographic 2

Cool! I want my own Graphic Design VA to make graphics like these

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Web Design / Management

There are lots of beautiful website themes available on the internet.  But, again, as busy Entrepreneurs do we need to be wasting time on non – revenue generating things like building websites?  

Answer: NO!

Plus, I very seriously doubt you are a master web developer and coder.  How often have we all downloaded a beautiful website theme, only to spend days ‘customizing it’ until it  looks positively awful?  Stop the insanity! Hire a proven talented Custom Zen Virtual Assistant Web Designer today to:

74. Build and design custom website

75. Setup custom email & hosting

76. Manage WordPress Themes

77. Manage WordPress Plugins

78. Fix errors / troubleshoot

79. Sync Sale Page / Credit Card / PayPal

80. Manage customer payments

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FREE Download – Top 5 Must Have Tools When Working with Virtual Assistants


Webinars are one of the best ways to share your valuable knowledge and services with anyone in the world with an internet connection.  Now that’s a big market.  But Webinars take time to organize and run.  Plus, the technology needed to host a webinar can intimidate some people.  Relax!  Hire a Custom Zen Virtual Assistant specializing in webinars to:

81. Handle technical stuff (GoToWebinar, Google+ Hangout, etc)

82. Moderate comments questions

83. Setup email automation for reminders

84. Build sales pages

85. Manage payments

86. Build presentation

87. Follow up emails

Write eBook

I have written two eBooks in my life.  One book took 18 months, is filled with errors, and didn’t sell.  The other book took 2 weeks to write and is a BestSeller in its category on Amazon.  What was the difference?  I outsourced all the work of second book to Custom Zen Virtual Assistants.  You have a book in you! I promise!  Write it with the help of a VA.  Consider a Custom Zen Virtual Assistant to handle these eBook tasks:

88. Research market for eBook

89. Research facts for eBook

90. Copy / Ghost writer

91. Editor

92. Design book to look professional (graphics, colors, links, etc)

93. Embed video links (super cool!)

94. Upload to Amazon (the right way the first time!)

95. Promote book on Blogs

96. Promote book on comments/bookmarking/social media

97. Run special sales offers for book launch

98. Organize eBook webinar for your audience

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The 99th Reason You Need a Custom Zen Virtual Assistant Today Finally, the 99th reason you need a VA today is because… You deserve it … and the world needs you.

I mean it.

You deserve to be happy, have your freedom, and still get things done.

A VA is there to help you accomplish this by helping you promote your valuable services and getting your ideas out into the world.  If you are a thought leader with words that inspire, or an Entrepreneur with a technology or service that will bring people help or joy, you CAN NOT DO IT ALONE.   You need help.  Don’t be afraid to ask for this help.

Your Custom Zen Virtual Assistant is your ally is bringing your vision to reality.

You can do it!  Book a FREE CONSULTATION with us and let’s see what a Virtual Assistant can do for you today!

Please share this with your busy friends!


Penny & Joel – Co – Founders of ZVAF (

Zen Virtual Assistant Finder


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