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Meet Jonny Nastor – founder of Hack The Entrepreneur – a show which reveals the fears, habits, and inner-battles behind big name entrepreneurs and those on the path to success. Hack The Entrepreneur is released three times per week on Monday,Tuesday, and Thursday mornings.

On Hack the Entrepreneur we know that everyone is unique and has to find their own path to success, but after speaking to entrepreneurs every day as part of my own successful business I became obsessed with the idea of finding the ‘replicable’ things behind leading names ad people on their way up to try to find patterns.

Best advice for working w/ VA’s? 

Work in months, not in days.  Nothing works immediately! Make sure you can afford to pay your VA for 6 months.  You need time to learn how to work together.  Don’t get discouraged if you feel like in the short – term it is MORE WORK having a VA.  This is all part of the process.  It takes time & work to build a relationship & system.  Give yourself and your VA a chance!

Best technical tools for working w/ VA’s? 

Trello!  You NEED task management software if you have any change of working successfully with VA’s.  We love Trello.  It’s so simply.  I simply put tasks into Trello.  Once a task is complete, the VA moves the digital post – it note from the left, to the right.  That’s it.  If at the end of the week the tasks / post – it notes are not all moved from left to right, then we review why and fix the problem.  And guess what, Trello IS FREE!

What excites you right now?

Hack The Entrepreneur! Taking it as far as it can go!

Contact Jonny!

jon [at] hacktheentrepreneur.com

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