Client FAQ’s

Client FAQ’s

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Q: Why should I hire ZVAF when I can directly hire my own VA?

A: Great question. The good news is there are 1,000’s of VA’s advertising their services in various places. The bad news, is that there are 1,000’s of VA advertising their services in various places! 99% of the time when someone has a bad VA experience, it is all because they hired the wrong VA for the job. It takes a ton of work, time and experience to find the right VA; Job Board searches, reference checks, background checks, vetting, internet speed and reliability testing, and so on. This is a huge ‘non – revenue generating’ project and a huge loss of time for busy business owners and entrepreneurs – and saving your time is our goal! Imagine you try this complicated process yourself, with no experience in virtual staffing, and hire the wrong VA! Result: huge waste of time and money. Now you have to hire and train another VA all over again. And if you get it wrong the 2nd time, well, you get the idea…

We deliver 3 custom vetted VA’s, with specific skills for your specific requirements, in 7 Days. Time IS money, and ZVAF saves you valuable time and money.

Q: What happens if I don’t like the VA’s you find for me?

A: This hardly ever happens. But, if you are not satisfied with your first 3 candidates we will – as part of our 7 – Day Guarantee – find you 3 more custom candidates. If you are still not satisfied after this 2nd round search (which has never happened by the way!) you must pay for the service again.

Q: What happens if I want to change my VA after choosing one?

A: No problem! Life can be crazy and we all change our minds – its part of life and business. If you change your mind about your VA choice within 7 – Days, you can simply choose one of the other original 3 candidates. Or, we can find you 3 more candidates – absolutely free!

Q: How do I pay my VA?

A: How you pay your new VA is between you and your VA, but PayPal works great and is our favorite payment tool. PayPal gives you the peace of mind of security, transparency and protection.

How much you pay your VA is to be negotiated between you and your VA, and also depends on the skill level required to complete your custom task. For example, a General VA may charge $5 USD per hour for basic Secretary / Administrative services, while your very own private custom App developer or Video Producer may charge $20 per hour. In any case, the price is sure to be less than domestic help – and without losing any quality. Filipino VA’s are amazing!

Q: Do you train my VA?

A: No. However, while we don’t ‘train’ your VA, do understand that the candidates presented to you are chosen because of their years of experience and testimonials from previous clients, so they will get up to speed on your tasks quickly. That said, like any new employee, your new VA will have to learn how you like to work and what you expect. But once you have established a relationship and expectations, you’ll be amazed at what your Filipino VA can do you – even while you sleep!

Q: Can I hire a VA part time?

A: Of course. You can hire your VA part time, or full time, or on a project – by – project basis. This is the power of outsourcing – you only pay for time you need! That said, we recommend our service for business owners & entrepreneurs who are looking for long – term partnerships with experienced & dedicated VA’s.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes of payroll in my home country?

A: Great question. The answer is NO! This is one of the huge savings you enjoy when you outsource your staffing to the Philippines vs. hire domestically/traditionally. This is because your VA is what is known as an ‘independent overseas contractor’. Your VA is tax deductible just like any other Vendor you pay. These savings alone gives your business a huge advantage over your competition. Think about it:

NO taxes.
NO Payroll taxes.
NO Pension Contributions.
NO Medicare.
NO Social Security.

You only pay for work that gets done!

Q: Ok I’m sold, but how much does this ZVAF service cost me?

A: It’s all very easy and transparent. We charge $497 or £495 for your 1st introduction service. After that, you are our valued client, and we only charge $250 or £250 per search if you ever need more staffing solutions help! FOREVER.

Q: What about confidentiality?

A: Personally, we’ve only heard of one issue with confidentiality between a business owner and a VA – and that was with a USA based VA! Filipino people are hardworking, kind, loyal and trustworthy people. You can trust your VA. But feel free to take things slow, and build trust at your own pace. You can, of course, ask your VA to sign a ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ or ‘Non – Disclosure Agreement’, but in our experience this simply isn’t necessary. We think you’ll be amazing at the level of professionalism and trust you’ll enjoy with your VA.

Q: Will I be able to understand my VA’s Filipino accent?

A: Absolutely yes. We interview your VA candidates ahead of time to ensure excellent spoken and written English skills. Plus, you’ll be video or audio chatting with your 3 candidates during our interview sessions so you can get a feel for their communication skills and chose the person you feel most comfortable with.

Q: How do I communicate with my VA?

A: The same way you communicate with most people in your life; Skype, Google Hangouts, E-Mail, even texting.  We highly recommend the following tools and resources to ensure you and your VA communicate well and stay organized:

Google Hangouts

Task Management:
Google Drive
Redbooth Task Management

Q: I don’t need a Part - Time or Full - Time employee, I just need Project - By - Project based help. Can you help with this?

A: Of course! VA’s are perfectly suited for Project – By – Project help. For example, many people just need a custom website, eCommerce setup, a custom App, Video Production, or even an eBook made. ZVAF can find you the perfect Project Based help for your tasks too.

Q: What about differences in Time Zones?

A: One of the coolest things you will enjoy once you become a “Virtual Employer” is waking up in your time zone to find work completed while you slept! This is the power of outsourcing across the globe. Many VA’s are happy to work your time zone too. Whether working while you sleep, or working in your work hours, VA’s can accommodate your needs.

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Q: What kind of VA do I need to be to be considered for ZVAF matchmaking service?

A: We are looking for experienced and dedicated VA’s to join our team, so we can introduce you to long – term partnerships with Entrepreneurs & Business Owners from around the world. Specifically, this means VA’s with previous work experience (ideally many years) and great references from past clients. But most important of all, we want nice people to join our ZVAF team.

We are looking for experienced talented VA’s with the following types of experience:

● General / Administrative VA’s
● Website Development / Management
● eCommerce Development & Management
● SEO & Social Media
● App Developers
● Audio & Video Production
● Content Writers & Editors
● Telemarketers
● Customer Support (live voice & chat)
● Graphic Design
● Translation Services
● Accounting

Q: What do we require from you?

A: Its pretty simple really; a great attitude and dedication to helping clients! We expect our ZVAF VA’s to:

● Be ready to work reliably from home
● Have reliable internet connection & computer
● Excellent English skills
● A solid background in advertised skills with references from previous clients

Q: Cool! Sounds like I am a perfect match for ZVAF. How do I get started?

A: Awesome! Welcome! All you need to do to get started is create a profile and upload your information. Once you are part of our database we will introduce you to clients if they need your skills.

Create your profile now…

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Q: What is a ZVAF Affiliate?

A: Simple. A ZVAF Affiliate is a person who sends clients our way. Oh ya, and then we pay you $50 per client.

Q: Whoa! That sounds awesome. How do I become a ZVAF Affiliate Partner?

A: We are looking for partners that have a dedicated audience of Entrepreneurs & Business Owners who would get value from outsourcing to some awesome Filipino Virtual Assistants. If this sounds like you and your audience, then book an appointment to chat with us so we can discuss building a profitable partnership together!

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